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Lotion Bar- Unscented

Wild Soul Soap

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Lotion Bar- Unscented

Get ready to super charge your skin care!

Lotion bars are the heavy hitters of the lotion variety, they love to sit on your skin and protect and nourish for a long time. These are excellent for dry-average skin, if you find yourself with skin a bit more oily, I suggest trying a lotion, or go for one of these at your discretion(you will be fine, you will just notice a longer absorption time.)

Great to use before bed, or any time your skin is begging for a treat.\

Do not leave in a warm area(summer time and purses are lotion bar accidents asking to happen), if you do these will melt, if this happens, refrigerate briefly and it will return to normal.

100% vegan


Ingredients: Olive oil, almond oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, calendula oil, evening primrose oil, vitamin e, candelilla wax 

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