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My name is Ayla and I started Wild Soul Soap back in 2015.

My items are GOOD and GOOD for you. My bombs float, my bubbles rock, my cold process soap will leave you clean and happy.

I know what I'm doing! 

Product Transparency:

  • I use Fragrance Oil in most of my items. These are NOT harmful, they are FUN! If you or your littles have had a reaction, please send me an e-mail to chat about it and see if we can make it work.
  • I use surfactants in my bath bombs, bubble bars, bubble bombs, and bubble bath. What is that? IT MAKES BUBBLES. If you have aversions to bubble making ingredients, send me an e-mail to chat and see if we can make it work.
  • My colours do NOT stain! Some residue may be left due to shimmer and/or natural ingredients, but these wash away easily.
  • My cold process soaps are either made with Coconut Milk, Beer, Wine, or other fun additives, they are SKIN LOVING, no average soap around here.
  • My colours are Health Canada approved, batch tested, field and peer tested, momma and little approved, and DO NOT stain your tub.
  • I make in small batch. That means I don't list EVERYTHING on my site. Looking for something or more info, send an e-mail!
  • wildsoulsoap@gmail.com


Thank you!